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Since 2004 we mainly focused on developing the pre-sale and post-sale service.

Some branch offices/companies have been placed in areas of strategic interest that couldn’t be carefully followed by the head office.
For the market in the South of Italy and Pesaro was born Axel srl, a company specialized in all those technical/logistical strategies necessary to improve the services offered to the final customer.

For the same reason, in the same years, the project Rofe East was developed. The company is placed in Romania, in the city of Sebes, a few kilometers from Timisoara (the main logistical center of the nation). Also this company is specialized in technical/logistical services with the main aim to improve the business in the East of Europe.

The companies mentioned share a capital which refers directly or indirectly to the main company.

Many more partnership relations have been developed in various European Nations , USA, Asia and Africa, with companies in loco that use our technology linked to our service.


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