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Software gestione utensili

We deal with everything that concerns tools management, we focus on the production and tool grinding service but also on all those instruments necessary to check the flux inside and outside the main productive system.

For this reason we have developed “TOOLS MANAGEMENT”, a simple and intuitive software, useful to the companies to receive, in very little time, brief and correct information regarding a tool performance, its wearing state, the actual placement, stock availability and all those technical and administrative issues that guarantee a correct management of the tool sector.

Thanks to “TOOLS MANAGEMENT” we can catalog each tool, also those in stock and add all the useful administrative information, for example: supplier, purchase cost, tool grinding cost, repairs cost; we also have a file that contains tool drawings and digital pictures.

We can always identify the current tool placement, if it is assembled on a machine, if it is in stock at storage or outside the company for grinding; we can make researches, filtering the data in different categories, for example: tools typologies, machines that use the tool, company sector etc. It is possible to obtain the data needed to draw up consumption statistics related to the different processing, tools costs, time needed for the supply. We have precise and fast feedback on everything regarding tools.

To complete the wide range of possible operations, we have introduced the chance to create the delivery note automatically.

Thanks to “TOOLS MANAGMENT” we can control all the tools system.

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